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About Us

We are a small software development startup company based in Mumbai, India. Sansoft is aimed to deliver useful, contemporary, innovative, and quality software solutions to the customers.

Our developement team is built of highly experienced, motivated, and enthusiastic IT professionals. We are a young company with lot of energy to deliver the software solutions that exceeds the customer's expectations.

We are specialized in Web-based Enterprise Applications development with high Quality, Performance, and Scalability.


Custom Software Solutions

Many times Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software products may not be suitable to take care of your business needs. We at Sansoft, specialize in Custom Software Development to suit your business needs. With many successful Project Deliveries and Happy Clients, we guarantee you the success of the project. We follow development process which is easy and assures the success of the project. We work with our clients from the very beginning of the project to understand the business requirements in detail. After analysing the requirements, we come up with the solution(s). After client's acceptance we develop the software which is of very high quality, highly scalable, stable, and having high performance. We are accommodative for the changes and we design the softwares which can be changed during or after the development. We deliver the quality softwares which runs for many years without any problems. We do provide maintenance and support for our softwares.

Enterprise Application Development

At Sansoft, we have delivered many state-of-the-art enterprise applications in Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, and Instrumentation area. Along with solid experience in development of highly scalabe, secure, performant software applications, we have in-depth knowledge and experience of the online transaction systems. We can be your long term software development vendor. For few companies we have worked as their IT department also. We look for ongoing relationship and make every effort for continued client retention. Most of our clients are working with us for many years with one after the other projects and phases.


Online Bank Account Opening Application

We developed an Online Account Opening application for a renowned bank in India for their retail customers and NRIs. It facilitates the customers to fill up their account opening form online, upload the necessary documents, and monitor the account opening progress. It makes the account opening process simple, efficient, and paperless.

Customer Relationship Management System

We have a strong experience in development of CRM systems for Banking and Insurance. Main features of the CRM we developed are Lead Management, Workflow Management, Customer Data Retrieval, User Management, Role based Authorization, Dashboards, Schedulars, Automated Notifications, Reminders, Reports, Administration and lot more.

Insurance Policy Management Software

This software helps the insurance company to stay connected with their Customers. The main features are Insurance Product Configurations and their management, Policy Management, Bulk data upload, Automated notifications (Welcome Kits, Policy Extensions, and Policy Expirations), Agent Management, Reports, Administration and lot more.

Call Management Software

Call Management Software helps to track Inbound and Outbound Calls. Main Features of this module are Call and Caller's Data Management, efficient search of phone call records, Timezone and local time considerations based on the phone number code, Reminders, Reports, Integration with other applications, Administration and lot more.

Immigration Portal

We developed many applications for an Immigration Portal in the United States. These applications provide lot of statistical information to Immigration and Work Visa seekers. Applications like Travel Companion, H-1B Sponsor companies and their statistics, Travel Reviews, Experiences, Student Visa related applications help many people getting up to date information regarding immigration matters.

Smart Search Application

Kloudax Comparison Assistant is a Lucene based software application intended to assist high value procurements. The tool takes structured, unstructured, and semi-structured artefacts like web-sites, PDF, Word documents. The tool searches for the keywords across the web-sites & uploaded documents and generates a comparison matrix with auto ratings. The human evaluator is given full control to override, moderate, or calibrate the auto rating and produce a final report.

HMI-Instrumentation Software

TLD Reader Software is desktop based software developed for Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) to automate the TLD badge reading process. TLD Instrument measures the radiation dosage absorbed by the people working in environments exposed to nuclear radiation. This software communicates with the instrument over the com-port, sends the commands, receives the data, plots the charts, and evaluates the radiation dosage.

Online Clinic Application

  • This was developed for a reputed doctor in Mumbai to manage the Patients data efficiently. This software facilitates the doctors to maintain Patients' Appointments, their treatments, their lab reports, drugs etc. This was a multi-site application so patient can go to any branch of the clinic and the staff there can retrieve up to date health records and treatments of the patient.

Medical Transcription Software

  • This was a suit of applications for Medical Transcriptionist and the Medical Transcription Company. It managed the workflow of the word report from Transcriptionist to multiple levels of QA. It had lot of small small utilities for workload distribution, line-count calculations, import account specific templates and shortcuts etc. We also developed a custom sound file player which has many enhanced features than a typical media player.


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